GWCelery is a simple and reliable package for annotating and orchestrating LIGO/Virgo alerts, built from widely used open source components. It is built on the Celery distributed task queue (hence the name). This is the design and reference manual for GWCelery.

GWCelery’s responsibilities include:

  1. Merging related candidates from multiple online LIGO/Virgo transient searches into “superevents”

  2. Correlating LIGO/Virgo events with gamma-ray bursts, neutrinos, and supernovae

  3. Launching automated follow-up analyses including data quality checks, rapid sky localization, automated parameter estimation, and source classification

  4. Generating and sending preliminary machine-readable GCN notices

  5. Sending updated GCN notices after awaiting human input

  6. Automatically composing GCN Circulars


If you are a scientist, student, educator, or astronomy enthusiast looking for information about LIGO/Virgo alerts and low-latency data products, then please see our LIGO/Virgo Public Alerts User Guide.

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GWCelery is open source and is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 or later.